BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware is a leading brand in China developing and promoting new products and concepts designed to improve our lifestyle.

Over the past 6 years BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware has achieved great success as a professional bathroom products manufacturer, focusing on both quality and service. This success combined with the experience gained assures BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware will be able to provide high quality products and specialized services.

Our reputation for quality products and services, combined with elite service has increased the demand for BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware products in our local and worldwide markets. In order to keep up with the flourishing demand for our products and services BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware now is looking for world wide distributors who desire the best products and services for their customers and are dedicated to establishing a strong reputation in the market.

BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware is an evolutionary company, always keeping up to date with the current market trends and developing new idea and styles to stay ahead of our competitors.  Our current line of products include Wooden Bathroom Furniture, with stainless steel and glass accents, Freestanding Bathtubs with CE approval and UL Approval Fittings, Glass Shower Enclosures, Stone Resin Bathtub/Basin & Tray and so on .

Our goal at BELLISSIMO Sanitary Ware is to produce high quality products for the consumer with unique designs and competitive prices. Focusing on realiable top quality products and service for our customers ensures we have long lasting relationships which are fruitful to all.